[vtkusers] Open Inventor format

Chris Scharver scharver at evl.uic.edu
Thu Apr 10 09:35:55 EDT 2003

At 2:05 PM +0200 04/10/2003, Pedro Patron wrote:
>Does anyone know how can I read a .iv file or how can I convert it in a
>readable file format for vtk?

Are you trying to just read an .iv file, or would tighter integration 
with Inventor be useful? If you have Coin3d or another Inventor 
implementation available, I'm working on some code that converts an 
Inventor shape into vtkPolyData. It doesn't work on an entire model 
unless you flatten it (with ivfix or something similar) beforehand. I 
currently have it working with both Coin3d on MacOS X and TGS 
Inventor under Windows.

VTK doesn't support directly reading Inventor files, but you could 
either import them using the code above or develop your own method to 
convert the models.

Hope this helps,
Chris Scharver
Electronic Visualization Laboratory
The University of Illinois at Chicago
Ph: 312-996-3002   FAX: 312-413-7585

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