[vtkusers] vtkPNGReader and multiple files

Matei MANCAS matei.mancas at tcts.fpms.ac.be
Mon Apr 7 03:04:31 EDT 2003


Yes! vtkPNGReader can handle multiple files! It is associated with
vtkImageReader2 not vtkImageReader...

You can use a script like this for files "my_dir/im0001R0.png to
my_dir/im0348R0.png ":

vtkPNGReader *noduleReader2 = vtkPNGReader::New();

noduleReader2->SetFilePrefix(your prefix);
//the prefix contains your dir path and the constant part of your file name
: "my_dir/im"

noduleReader2->SetFilePattern(the end of your files);
//here it will be "%s%.4dR0.png";

 noduleReader2->SetDataExtent(your file extent....);
//or your spacing....

//your reader ready to be used!!!!

Hop it helps


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> Hi,
> Could someone confirm whether or not vtkPNGReader can handle multiple
> I want to create a volume from a load of png images do I have to use
> vtkImageReader instead?
> Cheers
> Martin
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