[vtkusers] java wrapping macos x, jdk 1.4

Peter J Carr pjc at hootenanny.org
Fri Apr 4 19:24:11 EST 2003

has anyone gotten java wrapping working on MacOS X?
If so please let me know which version of vtk, java, and mac os x you 
are using. Please send a CMakeCache.txt file so I can test on my system.

I would like to use a gui i have already developed in java but use vtk 
for rendering within a java.awt.Canvas or javax.swing.JPanel.

at the moment I am using the latest release of vtk from cvs and Java 
1.4.1. I had to make some changes to VTK/Common/vtkJavaAwt.h in order 
for it to compile. I will send the modified file if there is interest. 
when i run the java examples I am not able to use 
vtkRenderWindowInteractor. The test program 
(Examples/Tutorial/Step5/Java/Cone5.java) compiles and runs, but 
nothing shows up in the render window.

i am just about to start tracking down the problem:
    - is it a problem with JNI on the Mac?
    - is it a problem with AWT or Swing threads and VTK threads?

this is new information (and a lot of info to digest just to get a cone 
on the screen). i appreciate any pointers. especially some hints for 
tracking down the problem.

peter carr

p.s. does anyone know how to uninstall java 1.4.1 on the mac?

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