[vtkusers] Ambiguous symbol error on compiling VTK with VP1000 support

Mike Dresser, MD, PhD Michael-Dresser at mail.omrf.ouhsc.edu
Wed Apr 2 16:04:38 EST 2003

Hello all.

I'm trying to build VTK with support for the VolumePro1000 board (WIN2K;
MSVC6; VTK from CVS; vli.h, vli3.lib and vli3.dll dated 11/28/2001 from VTK
website).  When compiling vtkOpenGLVolumeProVP1000Mapper.cxx (and others), I
get error C2872 (ambiguous symbol) about VLIContext, VLILookupTable, etc.,
which looks to arise from both VLIContext and vli3::VLIContext (etc.) being

I found a similar problem/request in the VTK archives from Sept. 2002, but
no reply.

Thanks for any help.


Michael E. Dresser, MD/PhD
Assoc. Member, Molecular and Cell Biology
Director, Core Facility for Imaging

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
825 NE 13th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

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