[vtkusers] Problems linking using CodeWarrior on Mac OS X

James Dessart james at rogue-research.com
Wed Apr 2 09:51:55 EST 2003

It seems with CodeWarrior 8 and gcc 3, C++ name mangling has been 
harmonized.  As such, I decided to try to link a mach-o app in 
CodeWarrior, using VTK.  I'm using the Metrowerks linker inside of 
CodeWarrior, linking to dylibs built in the usual way.

I get two unresolved symbols, the default constructor for 
tkOStrStreamWrapper and the destructor.  I looked into the symbol table 
for libvtkCommon, and there are destructor and constructor symbols, but 
not the exact ones it was looking for, strangely enough.

Anyways, here are the symbols from libvtkCommon.dylib:

0007e9b0 T __ZN20vtkOStrStreamWrapperD1Ev
0007e978 T __ZN20vtkOStrStreamWrapperD2Ev
0007e9e8 T __ZN20vtkOStrStreamWrapperD4Ev

and here is the symbol CodeWarrior's looking for:

Now, that particular symbol is also referenced in 
libvtkRendering.dylib, but it's the one specified in libCommon.  
However, CodeWarrior seems to think it can't link the two...

Anyone have a clue?

thanks in advance,

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