[vtkusers] otherCellPosition regression test fails on my system and valhalla.kitware

Rasmus Reinhold Paulsen rrp at imm.dtu.dk
Wed Apr 2 04:29:01 EST 2003

When I run the regression test otherCellposition always fails with a
memory exception. I have "approximately" located the location of the fail
in the source code. It happens only in release mode and not in debug
mode. It is also dependent on the amount of (unrelated) source
out-commented. A real nasty one, that is.

The Dashboard today shows that valhalla.kitware seems to suffer from the
same error. Does anybody else experience this strange thing?

System specs:
Windows XP with all updates
VC 6, SP5
VTK configured with support for TCL/TK.

If wanted I can provide the source code with the fail more exposed.


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