[vtkusers] Using vtkImagePlaneWidget::GetVector1 via tcl

Martin Gardner mglistmail at totalise.co.uk
Wed Apr 2 02:48:37 EST 2003

Hi Dean,

Thanks for your advice I have tried your work around and it works fine.



dean.inglis at on.aibn.com wrote:
> Martin,
> after looking at this again with less haste,
> I'm pretty certain (I am not a tcl expert so 
> someone else please comment?) that
> vtkImagePlaneWidget (IPW) would have to maintain
> ivars float Vector1[3] and float Vector2[3]
> to pass pointers to for the tcl wrapping to
> work.  That is:
> void vtkImagePlaneWidget::GetVector1(float v1[3])
> doesn't work, but 
> float* vtkImagePlaneWidget::GetVector1()
> would work only if IPW maintains Vector1
> explicitly.  The reason IPW methods like GetOrigin
> succeed is because they call the corresponding
> functions of IPW's internal vtkPlaneSource, which
> does maintain an ivar float Origin[3].  If you
> can use my suggested work around from last post
> that would be best.
> Dean
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