[vtkusers] timer events

Nico Vermaas vermaas at astron.nl
Tue Apr 1 09:05:34 EST 2003

Hi Charl,

I don't see how that would solve the problem. 
The VTK application must then still react to outside information right?
Somewhere in the event loop it must then still be forced to check for data.
Maybe I should look into abandoning the standard interactor event loop and try to make one myself that uses that select() thing you mentioned.

Thanks for your help, I'll keep on struggling for a bit I'm afraid.


>>> "Charl P. Botha" <c.p.botha at its.tudelft.nl> 04/01/03 03:25pm >>>
Hello Nico,
I have a much better idea: You could also code your VTK application with
a TCP/IP interface that your client app (Kylix, a web-based PHP app or
just a stupid CGI, etc) can connect to and talk to in XML.  It could
then drive the visualisation application in a clean and standard way, no
stupid hacks.  Python, along with a library such as Twisted (IIRC),
would be ideal for this.  This solution satisfies all your requirements
and has a large number of advantages over your current idea.

In short: you're going to have to spend much time reading and learning
in the next few days. :)

Good luck,

charl p. botha http://cpbotha.net/ http://visualisation.tudelft.nl/

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