[vtkusers] Re: Problems running Java VTK on Linux, MacOS X 10.2 and Windows

S Nundy nundys at neuro.duke.edu
Mon Sep 30 10:08:07 EDT 2002

	I have been using Java VTK on Mac OS X 10.1.5 (built with cmake 
1.4.5, gcc2 and cvs about 1-2 months ago).  It runs successfully (except 
for vtkPanel).  However, (see posts about a week ago), recent changes 
seem to have broken the gcc2 build on 10.1.x. When built with gcc3 on 
10.2.x, the build completes, but the libraries don't work (can't make 
new vtk Java objects or load vtk JNI libraries).  C++ functionality is 
intact AFAIK on 10.2.x.

Surajit Nundy

> Furthermore, I try to build VTK with Java wrapping on MacOS X 10.2. It
> builds OK but I can't run it successfully. I can't run Java examples
> because the program can't find the libraries. I made the .jnilib links 
> to
> .dylib files and I set the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to the bin directory of VTK
> build but it doesn't run.
> I try to build the .cxx examples and everything is OK, but when I try to
> run them the window is showed but the interaction is not good. Keys does
> not function and mouse only does it using a combination of mac special 
> key
> and shift and control keys.
> MacOS X: Does somebody knows how to run VTK programs using Java wrapper 
> on
> MacOS X?

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