[vtkusers] About the Solid CAD File Output.

#YAN RI AN# PS7278514B at ntu.edu.sg
Mon Sep 30 22:14:18 EDT 2002

Dear VTK- Users:
I want to export the Volume *.stl Format file. 
The file should be used for Rapid Prototyping Technology.
But I can only get the Surface *.stl Format file now.
I have the concept about how to get the Volume *.stl Format file from image slice.
vtkImageData -> vtkPolyData -> vtkTriangleFilter -> .........

I used vtkMarchCubes class to convert vtkImageData to vtkPolyData. It got the Surface *.stl Format only.
Could I use the vtkPolyData Class to convert it, & how to convert?

By the Way, My research interested is in the 3D Rapid Prototyping Technology Using in Artifical Bone & Implant.(most in mechanical area).
I used vtk Tools for generate the model and recover the model for our research.
I am very interested in Volume Rendering & CAD file Output.
Who can share the experience & we can discuss together. 

* Best Regards
* Yan Rian (Research Student) 
* Email : ps7278514b at ntu.edu.sg
* Lab : AMRC Research Centre 
* Nanyang Technological University 
* Singapore 

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