[vtkusers] C++ VTK app on OSX

Sandor Heman saanti at xs4all.nl
Sun Sep 29 18:52:17 EDT 2002


I'm new to both VTK and Mac OS X and recently compiled VTK (withous other
language bindings) successfully.
But now when I try to build the simple sphere example from the VTK website
(under "examples") I get the following error after I type "make":

c++ -O2 -Wall  -I/usr/local/vtk -I/usr/src/VTK/Contrib -I/usr/src/VTK/Common
-I/usr/src/VTK/Graphics -I/usr/src/VTK/Imaging -I/usr/src/VTK/Rendering
-I/usr/src/VTK/Filtering -I/usr/src/VTK/Patented -c sphere.cxx -o sphere.o
c++ sphere.o -L/usr/local/vtk/bin -lVTKImaging -lVTKGraphics -lVTKRendering
-lVTKFiltering -lVTKCommon -lpthread -o sphere
ld: /usr/lib/crt1.o illegal reference to symbol: __objcInit defined in
indirectly referenced dynamic library /usr/lib/libobjc.A.dylib
make: *** [sphere] Error 1

I am using gcc 3.1 with the following Makefile (sources are in /usr/src/VTK
and build dir is /usr/local/vtk) :


# Specify the name of the program you want created on this line:
TARGET = sphere

# Specify the objects that make up your program in this line:
OBJECTS = sphere.o


# Compiler and linker definitions for the different libraries we need:

# The Visualization Toolkit (Vtk):
VTK_HOME      = /usr/src/VTK
VTK_INC       = -I/usr/local/vtk \
                -I${VTK_HOME}/Contrib \
                -I${VTK_HOME}/Common \
                -I${VTK_HOME}/Graphics \
                -I${VTK_HOME}/Imaging \
                -I${VTK_HOME}/Rendering \
                -I${VTK_HOME}/Filtering \
VTK_LIB       = -L/usr/local/vtk/bin
VTK_LIBS      = ${VTK_LIB} -lVTKImaging -lVTKGraphics -lVTKRendering
-lVTKFiltering -lVTKCommon -lpt

# Compiler and linker flags:

CXX        = c++
DEFINES       =

# Automatic generator rules:

        ${CXX} ${CXX_FLAGS} -c $< -o $@

        $(CXX) $^ ${LDFLAGS} -o $*

# Other targets:

        $(RM) ${OBJECTS} $(TARGET)

If anybody knows how to solve this problem and what I am doing wrong that
help would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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