[vtkusers] Problems building VTK on Mac OSX 10.2.1

Raphael Sebbe sebbe at multitel.be
Tue Sep 24 08:37:43 EDT 2002

I saw from your build log you were trying to compile VTK for Cocoa. It 
is my understanding that to use Tcl/Tk, you have to use the Carbon 
backend (the same stands for Java), as Tcl/Tk for Mac OS X is 
implemented in Carbon (although I guess this is less of an issue with 
Jaguar, Carbon and Cocoa can work together). I was never able to use 
Tcl/Tk-VTK on Mac OS X, though I heard people had success with that.

Right now I use exclusively VTK/Cocoa/Objective-C++, and it works well. 
I would be grateful however if someone with a working setup could put 
the binaries (gcc3.1) of VTK-Carbon-Tcl libs + Tcl/Tk somewhere so that 
I can see the various VTK examples written in Tcl.


ps; I also have an X11 installation, but no problem so far with it.

On Tuesday, September 24, 2002, at 01:55 PM, Sandor Heman wrote:

> Hi Yves,
>> Do you have xfree86 installed on your machine?
> Well I removed it now and tried to compile but it looks as if my Tk
> framework is also 'X11 spoiled'...
> The compilation crashed with some inclusion of X11/Xlib.h failing (see
> below)
> I'm using active states tcl/tk 8.4.
> Maybe I'll try another distribution :-/
> Thanx for your help,
> Sandor Heman

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