[vtkusers] Surfacing contours

anast.jm at pg.com anast.jm at pg.com
Mon Sep 23 19:16:31 EDT 2002

I have a series of contours extracted from MRI images outside of vtk. I'm trying
to create a polygonal surface from the points (imported as
vtkUnstructuredPoints, ignoring the connectivity data of the contours) but with
most of the classes I've tried the surface tends to want to close the face of
the contour points, making seperate objects, instead of bridging to the next
contour's points.  I'm at the limit of resolution of the MRI scanner so I can't
add contours or additional points per contour.

I'm thinking I need an approach that can make use of the connectivity in the
contours but have not seen a class like this in vtk...does such a beast exist?
The other approach which I'm dreading is to try to interpolate contours to help
fill in the gaps between the image slices...but really I don't have a way to do
this and would be starting from scratch.

So far I have tried with marginal success:

vtkSurfaceReconstruction --- does some really weird looking stuff - worst of the
classes I tried
vtkPowerCrust --- looks better but lots of holes in surface, appears to be
closing contour faces (docs warn about needing point density, which I don't
vtkDelauney3D ---- best looking but still a few holes

vtkShepardMethod --- just starting to learn about this one...comments???

Any ideas REALLY appreciated


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