[vtkusers] Re: choosing the best tool for creating GUIs

Steve Boyd skboyd at ucalgary.ca
Mon Sep 23 11:32:58 EDT 2002


I'm in the same situation where I have a number of C++ classes that I've
developed and would like to use in a GUI.

Nobody seems to have talked about Java as a good tool and I was
wondering if I've missed something important.  I would have thought that
the 'swing' classes in Java would make it attractive as an application
can 'look at home' on any platform.  It seems to me not too hard to
implement to make GUIs (naive?), and it has the added advantage that it
can easily be turned into applets for use with internet browsers.  Also,
my code wraps into Java quite nicely following the cmake instructions,

Should I be considering Python et al. more closely instead of Java?


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