[vtkusers] Problems building VTK on Mac OSX 10.2.1

Patrick Klein paklein at sandia.gov
Sun Sep 22 11:16:15 EDT 2002

Hi Sandor,

Are you sure you want Carbon not Cocoa? I'm using the Cocoa
flag with the nightly version of VTK and it builds without a glitch.


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Sandor Heman wrote:

>I'm new to VTK and am trying to build it on Mac OSX 10.2.1
>But the build quits with the error below. I have also included my
>CMakeCache.txt because it looks as if there goes something wrong linking
>Opengl stuff...
>Cmake originally entered a /usr/X11R6/lib/GLSTUFF in the CMakeCache but
>That didn't seem ok to me because I'm not building for X11 so I changed it
>into subdirs of /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/ for the
>includes and the libs. Don't know if that's the correct location. (I'm also
>new to Mac OSX :)
>Any help will be appreciated.
>Thx in advance
>Sandor Heman
>//Build classes using Carbon API
>//Build classes using Cocoa API - Can only use one of these!

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