[vtkusers] choosing the best tool for creating GUIs

Thomas Deschamps tdeschamps at lbl.gov
Fri Sep 20 14:31:09 EDT 2002

> You'd need to be more specific.

I have C++ routines, with lots of classes, namespaces, and templates.
This code is mostly image processing code, filtering, segmentation,
I want to build a GUI interface that will take care of the input of the
parameters to my routines (number of iterations of processes, but also
interaction with the vtkRenderWindow where I pick some locations.
I have no experience with the interfaces, and I would like to know if it
is really needed to wrap my code in another language like python. Is
there another way to call  directly the C++ routines fron an interface.
What is the gain from using a scipting language? Is there a huge tradeoff
in the capabilities of the GUIs?
I know scripts are useful in terms of developments and tests because you
don't need to compile them, etc... but not in terms of GUI.
Why PyQt and not directly Qt for example?

Thank you for your help anyway


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