[vtkusers] vtkScalarBarActor WARNING

Amati Giancarlo amati at ira.cnr.it
Fri Sep 20 09:38:58 EDT 2002

Hi group,

my problem is the following. In my visualization program I use the 2D 
acotr vtkScalarColorBarActor to visualize a colored bar depending on the 
current scalar.
I create it using:

set lukUpTable($order) [new vtkLookupTable]
	$lukUpTable($order) SetHueRange 0 1
	$lukUpTable($order) SetSaturationRange 0 .8
	$lukUpTable($order) SetValueRange 0.8 1
	$lukUpTable($order) Build

set scalarColorBar($order) [new vtkScalarBarActor]
	$scalarColorBar($order) SetLookupTable $lukUpTable($order)
	$scalarColorBar($order) SetOrientationToVertical
	$scalarColorBar($order) SetTitle "$namevar"
	$scalarColorBar($order) SetFontFamilyToArial
	$scalarColorBar($order) SetNumberOfLabels 6
	$scalarColorBar($order) BoldOff
	$scalarColorBar($order) ItalicOff
and so on...

after that I will add it to the renderer with AddActor2D method.
I'm working under windows and I receive the following warning:

Warning: In 
C:\CVSRoot\cosmo312GTK\vtk\build\imaging\vtkScalarBarActor.cxx, line 231
vtkScalarBarActor (0x03CD3BE8): Need a mapper to render a scalar bar

But looking and the kitware examples there is no mapper for the 
vtkScalarBarActor. So what mapper is it asking to me?
This warning cause the breaking of the software under linux system.

Thank a lot.

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