[vtkusers] urgent

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at aero.iitm.ernet.in
Fri Sep 20 09:31:59 EDT 2002

>>>>> "D" == dharmendra  <dharmendra at strandgenomics.com> writes:

    D> Hello, my platform is Win200.  I have a question.  Do i need
    D> vtkCore for bulding python wrappers.  I have vtkPython.exe just
    D> installing this is sufficient?  How to check the installation

The vtk*Python.dll's will link to the vtk*.dlls so I think you do need
to install vtkCore.

    D> import sys
    D> sys.path.append("E:\\Programs\\vtk40\\Wrapping\\Python") print
    D> sys.path from vtk import * import vtk print vtk.kits

    D> but it gives this error No module named vtkCommonPython.kits

Also put the directory that contains the vtk*Python.dlls in the
sys.path.  Actually rather than the sys.path hack the recommended way
(which internally does the same thing) you should set your PYTHONPATH
env variable to point to "E:\\Programs\\vtk40\\Wrapping\\Python" and
the directory that contains the various Python DLL's.


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