[vtkusers] choosing the best tool for creating GUIs

Jeremy Winston winston at cat.rpi.edu
Thu Sep 19 19:34:01 EDT 2002

Thomas Deschamps wrote:
> Hi vtkusers,
> I have a lot of C++ code using VTK for the visualization part.
> I would like to know according to your different experiences what is the
> best programming/scripting language to create Graphical User Interfaces
> together with VTK and C++ code.
> I would like to embed the visualization part in the GUI and to add a lot
> of callbacks to call my programs on the data visualized.
> Tcl/Tk appears to me as the basic solution but I would like something
> more object-oriented, to write classes of widgets, etc...
> But I would like it to work with my C++ code. Is Python efficient? Does
> anybody have experience with PyQt, or other things?

Qt (http://www.trolltech.com) seems to be quite popular.  I haven't used 
it, but that's the impression I get having been reading this list & its 
archive closely for several weeks now.

Tcl allows fast GUI building using Tk, it was designed as a "glue" language
for calling compiled code, so you can wrap your C++ code so as to be able 
to call it from Tcl, but there are limitations on arg passing (that others
can better exlpain than I).


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