[vtkusers] Transparant polydata

D.M.P.Davies dmpd at onetel.net.uk
Thu Sep 19 14:07:28 EDT 2002

"Koning, P.J.H. de (LKEB)" wrote:

> Is it possible to change the opacity of a single triangle in vtkPolyData?
> I want to create somthing like a 'window' in a polydata object and change the opacity of that 'window'.
> Patrick de Koning

This will work (on 3.2) -  create a set of scalars to act as cell data  and allocate a value of 1 to all
Then swop the value to 0 for the windows. Use vtkThreshold's in the pipeline to separate the window and
rest grid. Finally allocate a different vtkProperty's to the resulting grids with the opacity changed on
the windows. It's easy to pick on the displayed grid and change the scalar cell value accordingly.

Best of luck


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