[vtkusers] PATCH: Updates vtkLabeledDataMapper to display strings

Sebastien BARRE seb-ml-a at barre.nom.fr
Wed Sep 18 15:53:28 EDT 2002

Hi Eric

At 9/18/2002 02:15 PM, Eric F. Sorton wrote:

>Attached is a small patch, that, when applied to vtk 4.0, adds two
>capabilities to vtkLabeledDataMapper:
>         o) The ability to control the justification, horizontal and vertical,
>            of the text.


>The ability to control the justification and vertical justification of
>the text is a straightforward feature.  The two properties were added to
>vtkLabeledDataMapper.   Each time a new vtkTextMapper is created, the same
>properties are set on it.

This feature is already in VTK 4.x (CVS).
All classes involving text have been changed so that methods like 
SetFontFamily, SetBold, SetJustification will be deprecated in favor of 
modifying (and sharing) vtkTextProperty ivars.

For example, vtkLabeledDataMapper has a LabelTextProperty that can be used 
to set the justification.
Something like this:
vtkLabeledDataMapper *foo = vtkLabeledDataMapper::New();

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