[vtkusers] vtkPolydata usage in refinment algorithm

sagi schein schein at cs.Technion.AC.IL
Wed Sep 18 05:21:24 EDT 2002

I am running into problems when using vtkPolyData in the following
1. There is an initial stage where I read points / cells and build a
poly mash
2. In a later stage I need to add points and update cell structure
accordingly. The algorithm basically takes a cell, and according to some
criterion decides to split it. It then generates a new point and creates
two triangles from the single triangle it had earlier.
3. At start I added points and using InsertNextCells() to add new cells
and ReplaceCell() to change old one. It did not work until I added a
DeleteLinks() call and then BuildLinks(). After that everything went ok
but for all practical sized mashes it takes too much. The bottle neck
lies in the call for DeleteLinks().
4. After that I tried to use ReplaceLinkedCell and InsertNextLinkCell()
but got memory assertions and was not successful in getting this to
My basic problem is that I need the ability to make topological queries
on the altered mesh since the algorithm needs to consider cells that
were splitted as well, So I have to make GetCell() calls on the
If anyone has any experience with such a scenario I could use some help 
Sagi Schein
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