[vtkusers] bvtkRenderWindow: Where to find this component ?

Louis-Jacques Lalonde lalond01 at gel.ulaval.ca
Mon Sep 16 11:28:59 EDT 2002

Hi !
I'm new to VTK and I would like to use it for a project.  It seems that
it's a lot easier to use this library than OpenGl directly to represent
data in 3D.  I need to build a GUI and Visual C++ is not easy for that,
so I was thinking about Borland C++ Builder.  I have seen that a
component for VTK exist, bvtkRenderWindow to add a vtk windows on my
form.  Can anyone direct me to the download and maybe some doc for that
Will the component work with the latest version of VTK ?
Thanks a lot ! :-)
Louis-Jacques Lalonde
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