[vtkusers] java.lang.UnsatifisfiedLinkError

Jarek Sacha galicjan at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 13 12:50:40 EDT 2002

--- ahmed Tokalak <tokalak at web.de> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have got a big problem, i developed a vtk-java programm under linux
> and now trying to run it under windows (windows 98), but i get following
> error (I have tryied vtk 4.0 and vtkNightly builds):
> java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:
> C:\Programme\vtkNigthly\bin\vtkHybridJava.dll: A library needed can't be
> loaded!

Looks that one of DLLs used by vtkHybridJava.dll is not in your path. You
can use Dependency Walker or something simillar to see what DLLs are used
by vtkHybridJava.dll. This the best way to determine what is missing.
Dependency Walker marks with "?" dependencies that cannot be found in your

I assume that you have all of the vtk4.0 DLLs, including ones that come in
the core package like VTKHYBRID.DLL. A typical problem I have seen was
missing path to JAWT.DLL that is located in JRE bin directory. If you are
you are using java from your SDK bin directory you may be missing

Hope this helps,


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