[vtkusers] Re: vtkNightly jar file

Jarek Sacha galicjan at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 12 12:58:42 EDT 2002

--- Kevin Tiow Wee TAN <K.T.W.TAN at pgr.salford.ac.uk> wrote:
> Following to your mail sent to vtk mailing list on 17 Aug, 2002 I was
> just wondering if you can let me know how do you get hold of ALL the
> java files required to build a vtk.jar.
> As far as I can see from the vtkNightly version, I don't have all the
> required nightly version of java files in the java directory to build
> vtk.jar.
> Everyone mentioned that we have build our own vtk.jar, but I can't find
> where is all the java files.
> I can find the java files from the jar file within the official release,
> not in any of the nightly release.

There are no Java wrapper classes in the nightly binary distribution.
Those are generated from VTK source during a build process. So you can not
use Java with current vtkNightly binaries.

As the binaries I really can not help you. They need to be fixed be the
maintainers of the vtkNightly (anyone?). This really frustrates me too.
Maybe if more people complain about this somebody will pay attention.

To use Java you will have to build vtkNightly from source. If you have
Visual C++, just follow the instructions that come with source code. 

You can also build Java wrappings with the Borland C++ free compiler
(www.borland.com), however the VTK setup here is a bit buggy so you need
to manually fix a couple of things to make it work. If you use Borland let
me know and I will try to write step by step instructions how to compile
Java wrappings. Borland compiled code works quite well, this is what I am
using personally. I reported the Borland build issues to VTK and CMake
list but did not hear any feedback.

In any case you will also need CMake (www.cmake.org) and Java SDK
(java.sun.com) There some problems with VTK and Java 1.3.* so go for
1.4.*. CMake is used to generate the build setup for a particular you are
using. You can pretty much go with CMake defaults, just remember to enable
Java (set VTK_WRAP_JAVA to ON).

Let me know I can help you in some more detail.
Good luck,


BTW: In my experience the GCC compiler generates code that is about twice
as fast as Visual C++ or Borland, but I was not yet able to build Java
wrapping with GCC, though theoretically it is possible.

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