[vtkusers] dataset?

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at aero.iitm.ernet.in
Tue Sep 10 21:13:09 EDT 2002

>>>>> "CP" == Csaba Palotai <c0palo01 at louisville.edu> writes:

    CP> Hi list, I need a lil advice.  I'm working with numerical
    CP> modeling of atmospheres.  Currently I use several layers with
    CP> a set of actors and render them in the same window to get
    CP> image of all layers. (polydata arrays) And for coloring I use
    CP> a similar data structure from scalars.  I'd like to use
    CP> isosurfaces (vtkMarchingCubes) which requires a 3D structured
    CP> point set.  My grid has points at the same latitude/longitude
    CP> at every layer, but the heights vary within the layers
    CP> following terrain and such (aka not a rectilinear grid).  What
    CP> data-structures you recommend me that would allow me to use
    CP> the MarchingCubes and still allow me to have variable height
    CP> and coloring option? Structured points? Structured grid?  If
    CP> so, how? Ideas, examples greatly appreciated.

Well, if you have a baseline height that all your subsequent grids
follow i.e. you have a corrugated surface and at regular intervals
above this surface you have your "layers", then you can use a
Structured Grid.  If the height between the layers is itself random
then your best bet looks to be using an unstructured grid.  If that is
a speed problem you can sample the unstructured grid onto a structured
grid/points dataset and use that for contouring.

For now the best place to look at the different data sets is the
fileformats document available on the the VTK site.  


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