[vtkusers] how to tear down a connection??

Song Li lisong at vrac.iastate.edu
Mon Sep 9 13:22:37 EDT 2002


I am using vtkSocketController to transfer vtk objects via network. The
vtk classes I am using are:

vtkSocketCommunicator *comm;
vtkSocketController *sc;
vtkInputPort *ip;
vtkOutputPort *op;

on server side:

on client side:

Everything seems fine, but when I want to tear down the connection from
client side: comm->CloseConnection(); on the server side
comm->GetIsConnected() still return true, and I can not reconnect. Does
any body know how to disconnect without deleting those objects??? --and
also that is the difference between
vtkSocketCommunicator::CloseConnection() and
vtkSocketController::CloseConnection() ?? I've tried both and neither
Thank a lot!!!

Song Li
VRAC(Virtual Reality Application Center),Iowa State University
Email: lisong at vrac.iastate.edu
Homepage: http://www.vrac.iastate.edu/~lisong

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