[vtkusers] Problem with TCL in accessing a locally built library.

Andrew J. P. Maclean a.maclean at acfr.usyd.edu.au
Sun Sep 8 23:04:38 EDT 2002

How do I get TCL to automatically include a locally built vtk library
that I have built?


I followed the vtk installation instructions and created a new directory
called Local in the vtk tree and modified the CMake files appropriately.
Actually, to be precise, I just created a LocalUserOptions.cmake file
with the appropriate instructions and modified an existing
CMakeLists.txt file for use in the local directory. 


Easy and straightforward - thanks to all you people at VTK! 


The DLL's vtkLocal.dll and vtkLocalTCL.dll are built successfully and I
seem to be able to use vtkLocal.dll OK in my visual C++ code.


However I cannot use these functions with TCL. They just return an
invalid command name message where the object is created in the code. 


I then went to the wrapping directory in the vtk tree and created a
vtkLocal subdirectory and modified existing files in a similar fashion
to make the files CMakeLists.txt, pkgIndex.tcl, vtkLocal.tcl in the
existing directories.

CMake runs OK and creats vtkBin OK and in vtkBin/Wrapping/Tcl vtkLocal
exists. VC7 compiles everything with no errors.


Obviously there is some step that I am missing out on because if I put
these local functions in a standard vtk directory like Graphics I can
access them OK under TCL. 


Can someone please help?






Andrew J. P. Maclean


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The University of Sydney  2006  NSW



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