[vtkusers] Send on vtkSocketCommunicator

Nathan Smith nsmith5 at gl.umbc.edu
Fri Sep 6 19:17:35 EDT 2002

Hello, I'm new to this list so I apologize ahead of time if this question
has already been asked.

When sending a (rather large (about 50000 field data points))
vtkDataObject over a vtkSocketCommunicator, I get the following error:

ERROR: In /data/gavl1/software/vtk/CVS/src/VTK/IO/vtkDataWriter.cxx, line
vtkPolyDataWriter (0x8440370): OutputString was not long enough.

Does vtkSocketCommunicator have a max length that it can send? If so I
guess I'll have to send straight arrays instead of vtkDataObjects.
I'm also confused why vtkDataWriter is generating an error to this
call. Thanks for any help.


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