[vtkusers] Re: Best vtk / QT package?

Steffen Oeltze Steffen.Oeltze at Student.Uni-Magdeburg.DE
Fri Sep 6 10:19:36 EDT 2002

I have found a convenient way in the meanwhile. When the user changes 
the rgb-values (the scalar value keeps the same) of a point I simply use 
the function addRGBValue(...). VTK internally replaces the old point by 
the new one. When the user changes the scalar value I use the 
getDataPointer()-function which returns a pointer to the transfer 
function and then, I manipulate the function directly by replacing the 
scalar value each time the user moves a slider. This is actually what 
I'm planing to do. I haven't implemented it yet.
I expect to be at most 10 points in my functions.

Have you tried to enable a vtkQtRenderWindow for stereo rendering yet ?


Stefan Bruckner wrote:

> What I did in the Java-Program is to simple store the function 
> currently displayed in the edior in an array. When the vtk window has 
> to be redrawn and the transfer function has been modified, I just 
> create a new vtkColorTransferFunction from the array. Although this is 
> of course not optimal, the overhead introduced is negligible, if node 
> counts don't get to high. How many nodes do you expect to be in your 
> functions?
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>     I have got a question concerning the package you have mentioned.
>     I'm using vtkqt by Matthias Koenig which works fine except for the
>     fact that I'm not able to render stereo in his vtkQtRenderWindow.
>     Calling the method "StereoCapableOn()" results in an error. Could
>     you please test for me if this method works with the package you
>     are using ?
>     A week ago I downloaded your java-program to graphically edit a
>     transfer function. I'm trying to
>     implement something similar using Qt. Unfortunately, I encountered
>     a problem concerning the
>     editing of a vtkColorTransferFunction. You  can add a point to
>     this function and you can remove
>     one but I couldn't find a method to modify an already existing
>     point. However, this is necessary
>     for my application because I want to enable the user to change the
>     transfer function interactively.
>     The problem is that I don't want a new point to be added each time
>     the user changes the color
>     but I want to modify the recently added point. How did you manage
>     this ?
>     Regards,
>     Steffen
>     Stefan Bruckner wrote:
>>I've examined nearly all of the packages out there, most of them are
>>pretty outdated. The best and probably most current (VTK 4, QT 3) is
>>VTK_QT by Carsten Kuebler. 
>>Source is provided in an MS Visual Studio project, but I've managed to
>>compile it under Linux within minutes without problems.
>>Download: http://wwwipr.ira.uka.de/~kuebler/vtkqt/index.html <http://wwwipr.ira.uka.de/%7Ekuebler/vtkqt/index.html>
>>Stefan Bruckner
>>>I am trying to get vtk and qt working properly.
>>>Which is the best vtk/qt package available?
>>>Which has the best chance of being supported in the future?
>>>Which should I avoid altogether? (maybe too old to work with newer
>>>I appreciate all help and opinions!
>>>Alex Lear
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