[vtkusers] Multidimensional data using itk=>vtk?

Christian Poecher poecher at icom-consulting.de
Fri Sep 6 07:36:53 EDT 2002

Hello Maurice,

although I don't know itk, I heard of a project of our university called 
VISTA. It is a merge of VTK and WTK and some selfmade algorithms. It is 
still in beta state and you will have to ask if you want to download it, 
but it has support for multidim dataset right now or in the near future. 
The project's homepage is 


Maurice van de Rijzen wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am trying to visualize a multi(n>3)-dimensional dataset, using 3d 
> subsets.
> However, vtk natively doesn't support multidimensional datasets, like a 
> structured grid for higher dimensions.
> In my struggle  I bounced into itk, of whose existence I wasn't aware of.
> In itk one can use higer dimensional uniform sampled datasets.
> Does anyone has some experience  on  combining vtk and itk?

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