[vtkusers] Best vtk / QT package?

Tarjei Knapstad tarjeik at chemcon.no
Thu Sep 5 16:12:43 EDT 2002

On Thu, 2002-09-05 at 19:28, Alex Lear wrote:
> I am trying to get vtk and qt working properly.
> Which is the best vtk/qt package available?
> Which has the best chance of being supported in the future?
> Which should I avoid altogether? (maybe too old to work with newer
> versions?)
> I appreciate all help and opinions!
I've succesfully used Jan Stifters VTK and Qt package at:

with VTK 4 and Qt 3.

Which of the packages has the best solution I don't know, and none of
the ones available (more links at Jan's page) have been updated in the
last year or two. I've just settled with the fact that the first one I
tried worked satisfactory.


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