[vtkusers] Re: [vtk-developers] Vtk book out of print; what now?

Jeremy Winston winston at cat.rpi.edu
Thu Sep 5 09:49:40 EDT 2002

Will Schroeder wrote:
> [...]
> (This is why at Kitware we choose to publish the User's Guide
> ourselves; we are not at the mercy of the big publishers and
> can revise, reprint, etc. the book as often as we like.)
> [...]

Hi Will & co. at Kitware,
     In re the User's Guide, I have found a bunch of trivial errors 
(typos mostly) in the latest version, but I don't see an "Errata" 
page on the Kitware site.  If you're interested, email me, and 
I'll email them to you.


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