[vtkusers] VTK, Qt, VTKQt and stereo rendering

Steffen Oeltze Steffen.Oeltze at Student.Uni-Magdeburg.DE
Wed Sep 4 10:01:13 EDT 2002

Dear VTK-experts,

I'm using Qt, VTK and the vtkqt-library by Matthias Koenig to create an
application that supports stereo rendering. Unfortuately, executing the
renWin->StereoCapableWindowOn() - method results in the following

> vtkQtRenderWindow (0x05502E8C): Requesting a StereoCapableWindow must 
> be performed before the window is realized, i.e. before a render.

I know that one has to execute this method before the window is rendered but
I didn't use render() in the source code before so I assume that the 
window is
rendered by some internal vtkqt-method. Here is the critical part of my 
source code:

> // create a Qt-application and a widget
>     QApplication a( argc, argv );
>     QWidget *qw = new QWidget;
>     qw->resize(350, 200);
>     qw->show();
>     // create a renderer and a render window
>     vtkRenderer *ren1 = vtkRenderer::New();
>     vtkQtRenderWindow *renWin = new vtkQtRenderWindow(qw);
>         renWin->StereoCapableWindowOn();  
>         renWin->AddRenderer(ren1);
>         renWin->setGeometry(0, 0, 300, 200);
>         renWin->show();

Does anybody have an idea ?

By the way, why can't you set the window to stereo mode after it has 
been rendered ?

Steffen Oeltze

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