[vtkusers] Strange think when using vtkStreamLine!

Song Li lisong at vrac.iastate.edu
Tue Sep 3 10:11:54 EDT 2002

Hi, there,

I got a very strange result when using vtkStreamLine. Suppose I have a
class "mystream" which inherient
"vtkStreamLine", and I have set all the routines about generate a
streamline, the following function get a
position as input and update the streamline:

mystream::Update(float x[3])
    this->SetStartPosition( x );
    this->Update( );
cout<<"NPts:"<<this->GetStreamers( )->GetNumberOfPoints( )<<endl;

I can see a streamline, but the screen output is 1 !!!

And if I use an object of class "mystream" as input of other function,
whenever I use GetStreamers(
)->GetStreamPoint(a_number), it will crash.

My codes run well when using VTK3.2, now I am using VTK4.0. Does anybody
know why I can not get the
right number of points on the streamline, and why what I get from the
method "GetStreamers( )" is so
unstable ?

Thanks a lot!!!!!

Song Li
VRAC(Virtual Reality Application Center),Iowa State University
Email: lisong at vrac.iastate.edu
Homepage: http://www.vrac.iastate.edu/~lisong

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