[vtkusers] updating vtkwindow with a new dataset.

Koning, P.J.H. de (LKEB) P.J.H.de_Koning at lumc.nl
Mon Sep 2 03:28:31 EDT 2002

31-08-02 12:14:25, "Brooks, Jonathan M" <j.brooks at ic.ac.uk> wrote:

That's easy. After calling Render() just update your data and call Render() again. You might need to tell your data that it has been Modified().

>Dear VTK Users,
>I am a new user of VTK and am waiting for the User's Guide to be shipped to
>me. I am trying to use VTK to visualise polynomials in real-time using
>measurement data (coefficients) obtained from an optical instrument. 
>I am using VTK (MSVC++ 6.0) to visualise polynomials on a warped plane. Each
>time a measurement is made and a set of coefficients determined for the set
>of polynomials, I would like to update the window display to visualise the
>new data. 
>I am still familiarising myself with actors, renderers, mappers etc. So far
>I just only managed to plot the polynomials themselves. In all examples it
>seems that rendering the window is the last operation performed in the code.
>Does anyone have any tips or example code for updating the window with a new
>dataset after it has been rendered?
>Any help would be much appreciated.
>Thanks in advance,
>Best Regards,
>Jonathan Brooks
>j.brooks at ic.ac.uk
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