[vtkusers] Compiling error under Redhat 6.2 (actually mandrake 8.2)

John jss at au.mensa.org
Thu Oct 31 08:16:36 EST 2002

thanks Prabhu, 

i ran one pass of the standard memtest86 tests and my computer 
passed, which surprised me. I will set it to run the extended tests 
overnight, and see if they can detect anything.

The cpu fan is definitely running... i was worried about my cpu fan 
about a month ago, as I am a smoker, and the tar/fluff build-up in 
my computer fans is absolutely disgusting. So i popped the fan 
assembly off my P3 and gave it a good clean a short while ago, 
and the fan was working perfectly afterwards. I was getting the 
internal compiler errors before and after the clean tho :(

Also it is the end of winter here in Australia, so im pretty sure the 
problems i have been having in the past, ie in winter, were not
due to overheating.

I still think it is probably a memory problem, especially if you havent 
heard of this sort of thing being compiler or OS-related...  

And after all, the memtest86 took less than an hour to run one pass of 
its standard tests, and i tend to get the internal compiler errors after an 
hour or more of compilation....

So it seems to me that maybe the VTK compilation is using a section
of memory which is a little tiny bit unreliable, and using it heavily, until 
it has failed enough to confuse the compiler. Whereas the memtest86 
is wasting time testing my entire memory range, and not testing any 
particular section very heavily.

If this internal compiler error is not a common problem, then I am 
satisfied that it must be an intermittent hardware error with my 
computer, and i wont worry about it too much, as i should be 
upgrading my motherboard and RAM soon.

i will let you know if a more thorough memory test detects any problems 

And I will mention one more small but weird problem Ive noticed in my 
next email...

thanks again,


On Thursday 31 October 2002 08:58 pm, you wrote:
> >>>>> "J" == jss  <John> writes:
>     J> Hi, i also get these filthy internal compiler errors all the
>     J> time, its horrific.
> I'm almost certain it is a hardware problem.  You most probably have
> bad ram.  Or a CPU whose CPU Fan is not running.  To check the RAM
> take a look at memtest86 and try and run it.
>   http://www.memtest86.com/
> Also open your box up and see if that helps or try and see if the CPU
> fan is running.
> cheers,
> prabhu

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