[vtkusers] Problems with vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor

Joshua A Foster jafoster at uncc.edu
Wed Oct 30 16:14:41 EST 2002

Here is some additional information:

1) We are all running NVidia drivers version 1.0-3123 now, and we still get 
"XRequest.144: BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied)" 
frequently and "Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0xa9)" on rare 

2) The source of most X errors is Render() on the vtkRenderWindow().  This is 
also the reason some actors don't show up.  If I don't call Render(), all the 
actors appear, and we get no X errors.  Whether I call Render() or not, the 
visualization does not update itself.  I have to interact with the mouse to 
get the updated scene drawn.

3) There seem to be interesting things going on with the default camera.  
ResetCamera() consistently causes a BadAccess error, and Dolly() causes the 
"unexpected async reply".  If I don't mess with the camera or call Render, we 
get absolutely no X errors.

Thanks again,
  Joshua Foster

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