[vtkusers] reader formats

Dave Semeraro semeraro at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Wed Oct 30 08:04:32 EST 2002


This question may have been asked before but I cant recall. I know there 
are reader classes
in vtk for the vtk file format and I think there is one for ensight files 
as well. My question is what
other formats have readers been written for? Has anyone written a reader 
for tecplot files or a
general HDF5 reader? Anyone working on parallel IO for vtk? We deal with 
all sorts of users
here with all sorts of data. Most of those we encounter are currently using 
Tecplot or IDL or AVS.
They are interested in vtk and the biggest issue is data importing. That is 
why I ask about the
other file format readers.

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