[vtkusers] when is vtkProcessObject::SortInputsByLocality() called ?

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Mon Oct 28 20:01:45 EST 2002

I have been tracing back the way vtkContourFilter
works. In order to set the input to the filter, the
SetInput(vtkDataSet data) method is used, which in
turn calls the vtkProcessObject class methods. 

I looked into the vtkProcessObject class and noticed
the function SortInputsByLocality() (but could not
find where and when it si called). 

(1) I am interested in knowing on what ocassions this
function is called ?

(2) Does this function help the vtkContourFilter work
faster in some way by sorting the dataset in some way

If anyone can please throw light on this, I will be
really grateful. I have spent quiet some time looking
at all the wrong places.

Thank you in advance,


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