[vtkusers] Default parameters for rendering a surface obtained with vtkMarchingCube

anast.jm at pg.com anast.jm at pg.com
Mon Oct 28 19:08:59 EST 2002

Thomas...is ScalarVisibility set On or Off (try playing with this and see if it
makes a difference.)  Also if you can include a snipet of pertinent code that
might help too.....john

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Hi vtkUsers,

I have problem, which is probably related to the way I set the display
of a surface extracted by the Marching cube.
I want to render a big cube of size 200x200x150 extracted with the
marching cube algorithm (later I'll work on other shapes when this bug
will be solved).
The rendering gives me red faces for z-constant planes, and white faces
for the 4 others. Do you know what is happening?
The only modification done to the actor is to set is color to red. All
other options are not set, therfore set by defaults.

I do not know if I can include image in this email. I will try to do it,
but if you know what's happening, or want the image, I can send it to
you directly.

Thank you for your help.

Thomas (tdeschamps at lbl.gov)

<< image snipped for reply>>

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