[vtkusers] VTK-Java problems on OS X

Surajit Nundy nundys at neuro.duke.edu
Mon Oct 28 09:27:58 EST 2002

Courtesy of Raphael Sebbe, here are some changes that enabled me to 
build java-vtk successfully on os x.

1.  at line 57 in Common/vtkJavaUtil.cxx, add "|| defined(__MACH__)" 
after  "|| defined(sgi)"
2.  before
  " #else
     JAWT_X11DrawingSurfaceInfo* dsi_x11;" in Common/vtkJavaAwt.h, add

"#elif defined(VTK_USE_CARBON)
     jawt_MacDrawingSurfaceInfo* dsi_mac;
     dsi_mac = (jawt_MacDrawingSurfaceInfo*)dsi->platformInfo;
     temp0->SetWindowId((void *)dsi_mac->fQDWindow);"

This only works for Carbon windowing (although you can use Cocoa 
windowing if using C++).  This should give you a successful build 
(tested on recent cvs ~2 weeks ago).  It would also be nice to ask the 
person responsible for Java in "OS X" to include these hacks in the 
source tree.

Surajit Nundy

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