[vtkusers] Wanted Dlls for vtk nightly built using Python 2.2

Chandra Shekhar chandra at strandgenomics.com
Mon Oct 28 01:44:20 EST 2002

Hi , 

    Have some code that depends on vtk Nightly ( code uses vtkFloatPoints .etc .. that dont seem to be part of Dlls provide by Les Schaffers Home Page ( http://basic.astrian.net/godzilla/) ). 
    It would be great if some one could provide DLL's for any  of the recent Nightly's . 

    On a tangent , do any of the Kitware people plan to provide Python Wrappers built for Python 2.2 as a part of the Vtk Nightly installables for windows . 
    Out of curiousity , Any body here who has built a molecular visualition software using , vtk . Any issues with reagrds to speed etc . 

    Advance thanks .


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