[vtkusers] Problem with vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor

Charl P. Botha c.p.botha at its.tudelft.nl
Sat Oct 26 21:15:12 EDT 2002

On Sat, Oct 26, 2002 at 08:23:17PM -0400, Joshua Foster wrote:
> Thanks for replying.  I'm using a Linux platform with FLTK 1.1, VTK 4.0, and
> the updated Nvidia drivers (1.0.2880).  The funny thing is I get different

Hmmm... I'd update my drivers to 1.0.2960 at the very least.  I seem to
remember that 2880 had the disappearing actors problem and my mail archives
confirm this.

Please perform the upgrade and report back.  With regards to your code, I'll
try that out as soon as I get five minutes, but that might not be so soon as
I'm deluged by pre-holiday work.


charl p. botha http://cpbotha.net/ http://visualisation.tudelft.nl/

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