AW: [vtkusers] How to realize volume raycast?

Chunyan Jiang jiang at TI.FhG.DE
Fri Oct 25 09:47:37 EDT 2002

Hi, Andrew,
Thank you for your help. It will be helpful if I want to shift data type
some time. Now my problem is not data type. I imported short int data to
vtkImageImport. Since I must do some operation on data, I have to import
them from array to vtk pointer, instead of using vtk reader.
Now it can be shown by vtkDataSetMapper. However, it can not be shown by
vtkVolumeRayCastMapper. How can I solve this problem?
By the way, the output of vtkImageImport is vtkImageData, not



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Hi Chunyan,

The volume renderer will only deal with byte data.  If you have anything
else (eg floats) then you have to filter them first:

  vtkStructuredPoints* structPts = reader->GetOutput();

  printf("Input field range: min = %.3f, max = %.3f\n",range[0],range[1]);

  // Convert to byte data because that's what the vol. renderer needs
  vtkImageShiftScale *imageShift = vtkImageShiftScale::New();

and you'll be needing a



Hope this helps.


> Dear VTK users,
> I import 3d image data to vtkImageImport. Now I want to realize volume
> rendering. So I use the example SimpleRayCast and add the vtkImageImport
> the line:
> volumeMapper->SetInput(importer->GetOutput());
> instead of
> volumeMapper->SetInput(reader->GetOutput());
> But the data can not be displayed on the screen. How should I do?
> Thanks in advance!
> Chunyan
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