[vtkusers] ImplicitFunction from vtkPolyData?

David Netherway david.netherway at adelaide.edu.au
Thu Oct 24 21:22:23 EDT 2002

Have a look through the archives. A vtkImplicitPolyData class has been made
freely available by David Pont.


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Subject: [vtkusers] ImplicitFunction from vtkPolyData?

> I'd like to clip one vtkPolyData against a (non-planar) surface defined by
> another vtkPolyData.  Image the first vtkPolyData is the Earth, and the
> second vtkPolyData is the shape of an impact crater; I'd like to show the
> Earth with a crater in it.
> To do this, I think I need a vtkImplicitFunction to pass to a
> vtkClipPolyData.  Is there a good way to obtain the necessary
> vtkImplicitFunction from that second vtkPolyData?
> Ted Sternberg
> Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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