[vtkusers] vtkScalarBarActor WARNING

Amati Giancarlo amati at ira.cnr.it
Wed Oct 23 09:56:27 EDT 2002

Hi group,

my problem is the following. In my visualization program I use the 2D
acotr vtkScalarColorBarActor to visualize a colored bar depending on the
current scalar.
I create it using:

set lukUpTable($order) [new vtkLookupTable]
	$lukUpTable($order) SetHueRange 0 1
	$lukUpTable($order) SetSaturationRange 0 .8
	$lukUpTable($order) SetValueRange 0.8 1
	$lukUpTable($order) Build

set scalarColorBar($order) [new vtkScalarBarActor]
	$scalarColorBar($order) SetLookupTable $lukUpTable($order)
	$scalarColorBar($order) SetOrientationToVertical
	$scalarColorBar($order) SetTitle "$namevar"
	$scalarColorBar($order) SetFontFamilyToArial
	$scalarColorBar($order) SetNumberOfLabels 6
	$scalarColorBar($order) BoldOff
	$scalarColorBar($order) ItalicOff
	$scalarColorBar($order) PickableOff
	$scalarColorBar($order) SetPosition 0.9 0.03
	$scalarColorBar($order) SetWidth 0.09
	#$scalarColorBar($order) SetHeight 0.6
	#$scalarColorBar($order) SetPosition2 0.8 0.9
	[$scalarColorBar($order) GetPositionCoordinate]
	[$scalarColorBar($order) GetProperty] SetColor 1 1 1

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