[vtkusers] URGENT

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at aero.iitm.ernet.in
Mon Oct 21 11:17:27 EDT 2002


Please give your emails a useful subject line and *dont* shout.  Dont
post the same message twice in the hope that you will get better or
faster help.  It does not help and only tends to irritate the people
who answer (at any rate it does irritate me).  Also try and look at
the archives.  Some of the questions might have already been answered.

Also, remember to give information about what platform, what release
of VTK, and how you installed it (built via sources, installed binary

>>>>> "D" == dharmendra  <dharmendra at strandgenomics.com> writes:

    D> Hello All, When i try to load vtkRenderingPythonTkWidgets.dll
    D> it throws some strangs error interp.call('load ,filename) no
    D> such process error.

    D> Iam unable to execute the following peice of code.

    D> import vtkRenderWidget import vtkTkRenderWidget import Tkinter

    D> root = Tkinter.Tk() ren_widget =
    D> vtkRenderWidget.vtkTkRenderWidget(root)

Is the directory that contains the vtkRenderingPythonTkWidgets.dll in
your PATH?  Also try copying the vtkRenderingPythonTkWidgets.dll to
the directory that contains the vtkRenderWidget.py file.  Might help.


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