[vtkusers] vtk Installation pb on Unix SunOS 5.8

Thomas Deschamps tdeschamps at lbl.gov
Fri Oct 18 12:55:49 EDT 2002

Hi vtkusers

I am trying to compile vtk on a Unix SunOS 5.8
Compilation turns to be fine, but when I try to execute the vtk command, 
I have the following error:

    > /home/euphrates/local/bin/vtk
    Application initialization failed: Can't find a usable tk.tcl in the 
following directories:

    This probably means that tk wasn't installed properly.

Of course the file tk.tcl is in the directory /usr/lib/tk8.3, its 
version is
# RCS: @(#) $Id: tk.tcl,v 1.19 2000/02/08 10:00:55 hobbs Exp $

And wish8.3 works without returning errors...

The different versions of the programs on this machine are
1) gcc 2.95.2
2) tcl and tk 8.3.0
3) X11R6/pl5

I think that's all.

Does someone can help?


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