[vtkusers] fatal error C1076: compiler limit: internal heap limit reached

Steven Wu wzllist at yahoo.com.cn
Fri Oct 18 09:50:48 EDT 2002

In VS7 and VS6.
I compiled the Nightly Package configured by cmake
with option ANSI C++ STDLIB. The compiling is okay.
But when I want to use the VTK header files and lib in
my own project. The compilers complained a fatal error
heap size limit. First, I increased the compiler's
heap size by set /Zm200 or /Zm1000. But with option
still saw the heap size limit error and /Zm1000
complainning outscope of my virtual memory. Second I
disable the precompiled header file for stdafx.h, but
still saw the error.
Is it because I enabled the ANSI C++  STDLIB???
Help Please! 

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